21 November 2010

Rick Scott Fallout, Part One

In my previous blog entry on 3 November 2010 being a sad day in the State of Florida I outlined a list of many things to expect now that Rick Scott is going to become the 45th Governor of the State of Florida. One of these items I mentioned is the conversion of public property into private property.

You know how the City of St. Petersburg gave away the sidewalk on the northern half of 2 Av N from 1 St N to 2 St N to BayWalk, the shopping and entertainment complex in downtown St. Petersburg. Doing so was a conversion of what used to be public property into private property. You know what private property is, especially in a commercial environment? The authority of a person such as a store manager or a security guard to brand anyone, including law-abiding citizens, as second class citizens by having trespass warnings issued banning a person for life.

Unfortunately, Florida's trespassing laws do allow for this. Once a trespass warning is issued, it is a conviction for trespassing without the benefit of due process and trial. Moreover, banned for life is like a life sentence in Florida State Prison in Raiford for trespassing. Like there is no parole for anyone sentenced to life imprisonment, there is no appeal for a trespass warning issued against a person.

OK. If any of Rick Scott's ideas regarding privatization comes to fruition, it is going to mean that what used to be public property has been turned into private property. So, I drew up a sign based on the many blanket trespass warning signs found throughout Florida which I believe would have to be erected at all principal entry points into the State of Florida:

Above sign does not apply to Florida residents who are in possession of their REAL ID compliant Florida Driver's License showing your physical street address, which is a goldmine for stalkers and domestic violence perpetrators if your ID is lost and eventually found somehow. As a Florida resident, you will be expected to have your ID ready for inspection if Rick Scott gets his way with the Arizona-style immigration law which was his main campaign promise.

Just stay tuned when Rick Scott is anointed as Florida's 45th Governor on the steps of the Capitol in Tallahassee come January 2011.

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