31 March 2013

Let School Officials Carry Guns in Schools? NO!

This St. Petersburg Times editorial is shocking:  School officials (such as your child's school principal) being allowed to carry guns on campus.
Sound scary?  Keep reading.
Well, if legislation which has been approved by the Education Subcommittee of the Florida House of Representatives makes it through the Florida Legislature, it would authorize school principals to authorize someone to carry a gun on campus.  But who would that authorized person be?  The principal him/herself?  An assistant principal?  A teacher?
In other words, if this bill passes, in a nutshell it would allow school officials such as a school principal to declare open season on students.  Why?  A teacher who would be authorized by law could pull out a weapon on students as a form of classroom control, among other things.
If you think this is scary, here is another St. Petersburg Times article about several eighth graders at Osceola Middle School who were terrorized at the hands of a toxic bully teacher, Shawn Siede.  According to that article, Mr. Siede quit rather than suffer the full wrath of the Office of Professional Standards of the Pinellas County School District.  Just think for a moment:  If this proposed law on school officials being allowed to carry guns on campus was already law in the State of Florida, God knows what would happen to your child in school?
The answer is very simple:  WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!
Schools are supposed to be a safe place for learning for your child.  Schools are not supposed to be state penitentiaries nor Chinese Reeducation Through Labor camps nor closed mini-North Koreas (does Virgil Mills Elementary in Ellenton (Manatee County) and Sand Pine Elementary in Wesley Chapel (Pasco County) and their tyrannical anti-parental rights principals, Mike Rio and Todd Cluff respectively, ring a bell here?) for that matter.
Furthermore, Florida has statutes on the books that make it loud and clear:  Absolutely no weapons on school campuses, period.  This is one part of the Florida Statutes that should not be changed at all.
Call, email or write your legislators today.  Let them know that you vehemently oppose House Bill HB 1097 sponsored by Representative Greg Steube of Sarasota and that you support keeping our public schools safe.  After all, allowing school administrators to carry weapons on campus is not the answer, neither is turning our public schools into correctional facilities for that matter.

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