21 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

In a couple of days Christmas will be here!

Unfortunately, as we approach Christmas 2012 we approach it on a much somber note, especially the recent tragedy involving Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut where 26 lives were unfortunately lost.  It is a very tragic event, especially for the parents of the children whose lives were lost in the tragic events that took place.  For those parents, it is very sad and sorrowful that instead of celebrating the joys of Christmas with their children, the parents are having to plan and attend the funeral of their children.

With the coverage of recent school related events such as the suicide of a 15-year-old teenager from Hudson, Florida due to negative comments posted on a social networking website and now the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School here on The Edward Ringwald Blog, I was pondering whether to put up the annual Christmas page here at EdwardRingwald.com as Christmas was just a few days away.  I was asking myself, should I put up the annual Christmas page like I always do or not?

Believe me, putting up the annual Christmas page here at EdwardRingwald.com is like putting up the Christmas tree where I live.  But reslilence in the face of recent events - both local and national - kept me going.

As such, I present to you my annual Christmas page over at EdwardRingwald.com, of which you can go to just by clicking your mouse on this link.  There you will see pictures of Christmas lights from downtown St. Petersburg as well as a couple of pictures from Pinellas Park, Tampa as well as a section on downtown Plant City's Christmas lights.  And no Christmas page is complete without a visit to the grandaddy of all Christmas displays in St. Petersburg located at 2719 Oakdale St S, situated southeast of 4 St S and 22 Av S.

While you're there at my Christmas 2012 page, you can also view my Christmas greeting cards.  This year, I offer my greeting card not only in English but in Spanish, German and Slovenian as well thanks to the magic of Google Translate.  After all, EdwardRingwald.com - as well as Interstate275Florida.com and DrawBridgeAhead.com - reaches out not only to an American audience, but to a worldwide audience as well.

I usually have the Christmas page up at EdwardRingwald.com about a week or so before Christmas.  However, with the recent tragic events that have taken place I felt it was necessary to devote the time and energy to cover those events for you right here on The Edward Ringwald Blog.

But resilience has to prevail.  With that in mind, enjoy my Christmas page at EdwardRingwald.com.

And to the students, faculty and administration of Sandy Hook Elementary School who lost their lives in the recent tragedy, may they rest in peace.

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