25 February 2012

It's that time again for the Academy Awards telecast!

A year has flown by so fast that Academy Awards Telecast No. 84 is just around the corner. Actually, it's on Sunday, 26 February 2012 and the fun begins at 7:00 PM ET with the Oscar pre-show followed by the Academy Awards Telecast at 8:30 PM ET, all on your nearest ABC affiliate. For us here in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, it's on WFTS-TV (also known as ABC Action News) on Channels 11 and 1011 for those of us connected to Bright House Networks and over the air Channel 28 for the traditional over the air folks.

Last year I put together a step by step diagram of the technical aspects of the Oscar telecast, especially the voice of the announcer when the announcer intones: The 84th Annual Academy Awards will return in a moment here on ABC.

After all, when an Academy Awards telecast is around the corner we know who will be the host of the telecast plus who is going to present the various awards throughout the course of the telecast. However, the one aspect of the Academy Awards telecast that does not get a lot of mention is who is going to be behind the microphone in the announcer's booth as the announcer of that year's Oscar telecast.

For the 84th Annual Academy Awards, it has been reported that Tom Kane will be returning for the announcing duties, according to this article in the Kansas City Star. (Here's another version of the article over at 913, Johnson County's (Kansas) News Magazine). However, Tom is going to get some help from a newcomer, making the Oscar telecast a co-announced telecast: Melissa Disney, who I understand this is her first time being the voice of an Oscar telecast.

This year, I did something better based on my blog entry on the techical aspects of the Oscar telecast. I put together a diagram of how an Oscar telecast announcer's voice travels from the Kodak Theater (now called Hollywood and Highland, due to Kodak being in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and permission was recently granted by the bankruptcy court judge for Kodak to get out of the naming rights for the Kodak Theatre) in Hollywood to my HDTV set in St. Petersburg.

What are you waiting for? Check out my diagram here. Or, you can view the PDF version here as well.

And one more thing, and this is for Tom Kane if you are reading this blog:

As this is your second consecutive time announcing the Oscar telecast on ABC, your digitized voice will travel all over the place from the Kodak Theater in Hollywood to my HDTV set here in St. Petersburg. As such, enjoy the high speed digital voice over announcer ride, especially on Interstate 275 crossing the Howard Frankland Bridge (the segment on the Bright House Networks trunk cable from the Tampa headend to the St. Petersburg headend)!

Speaking of the 84th Annual Academy Awards telecast, if you got a rant or two - either before, during or after the Oscar telecast - feel free to comment. Just be sure to keep the comments clean and family friendly for everyone!

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