11 February 2011

Rick Scott Fallout - Part Two

We’re just a month into Rick Scott’s reign as the 45th Governor of the State of Florida. Already, his campaign promises plus what I mentioned in a previous blog entry when Rick Scott was elected back in November 2010 I feel are coming to fruition. As a reference, I’ll go ahead and list for you again of what to look forward to, now that Rick Scott is in command of the State of Florida:

Our homeowners insurance rates going up.
Our property values continuing to slide.
Foreclosures at an alarming rate (and the homelessness that results).
Our civil liberties being eroded.
The State of Florida being sold to private enterprise.
Turning public property into private property.
No prospect of the economy making a comeback in Florida.
Unemployment at an all time high with no prospect of relief.
Support for oil drilling in the Gulf.
The demise of Florida's number one industry: Tourism.
Law enforcement being turned against the people.
No meaningful education anymore in Florida’s public schools.

And I need to add one more item of concern to the above list:

Health care reform denied to Florida residents.

If you think the above list is alarming, it should be. Consider the recent budget that Rick Scott is proposing: This involves major cuts to specific areas which are crucial if the State of Florida is going to survive through this major economic mess, according to this St. Petersburg Times article.

One of them is the state’s Office of Homelessness, and Rick Scott’s proposed budget closes this office completely. This is going to endanger the many Floridians that are already homeless and are in need of a place to live. Furthermore, there are many more Floridians who are in danger of becoming homeless by reason of foreclosure on their homes, thanks to those greedy banks who took the risk and lost their money when the real estate market imploded.

You know who’s cheering Rick Scott on doing away with helping the homeless? Private business, of course! The same private businesses that chase away not only the homeless but minorities and the handicapped (including the mentally handicapped) by turning them into second class citizens by using trespass warnings on them, thanks to the help of law enforcement. After all, in this day and age in Florida being homeless, a minority or handicapped can make one vulnerable.

Another facet of the proposed state budget is Florida’s Coastal Clean-Up Trust Fund, which Rick Scott wants to do away with. Just add Rick Scott’s support for oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico very close to Florida’s coast and we are indeed going to see Florida’s number one industry – tourism – spiral downward so bad that it will be the demise as we see it.

So far, Rick Scott is slowly selling the State of Florida to private enterprise. This budget proposal is a great example.

Next, Rick Scott wants to do damage to Floridians who are collecting unemployment due to being out of work: Reduce benefits. In this St. Petersburg Times article the federal government wants to give states like Florida more time to repay monies that had to be borrowed to pay the vast amount of unemployment benefits. The federal government’s plan is to let Florida hang on to about $500 million; however, Rick Scott – in a nutshell – is telling President Obama no thanks.

Already Floridians who are unemployed face plenty of obstacles in their quest to regain meaningful employment. In fact, I am seeing horror stories of companies who trespass unemployed individuals – if you are unemployed, don’t bother to apply with us. I used the term trespass in a way that an unemployed individual looking for a job finds something that matches his or her experience and goes to the company looking to fill out an application. Instead, because of the person’s unemployed status he or she is shown the door and told never to return under threat of arrest rather than legitimately going to put in an application. It’s basically like a store manager banishing someone from a store for life for no reason, and in Florida you don’t need one.

So, this is Rick Scott’s ultimate plan for dealing with the unemployed: Trespass them out of the State of Florida for life.

OK. Let’s move on to another topic while we’re on the subject of Rick Scott: Health care reform. I found this blog entry by Melinda Gibson of Health Care for America Now that is quite interesting and I would like to share it with you.

Remember that as the former CEO of Columbia/HCA, Rick Scott exploited patients as well as the federal government for his own financial gain. Since the recent passage of the federal Affordable Care Act several states – including Florida – are doing everything in their power to make sure that this federal law does not apply in their state, short of a repeal which won’t happen in Congress.

After all, the Affordable Care Act provides protections against the abuses perpetrated by the health insurance industry including, among other things, imposing lifetime maximums and denying care to those who need it. A lot of the abuses at the hands of these health insurance companies have drove countless numbers of people straight into bankruptcy. Remember the Michael Moore movie SiCKO?

All Rick Scott is doing is defying the federal government by not implementing the Affordable Care Act; his main reason is for the people of Florida. What kind of hogwash! All Rick Scott is doing is pleasing his health insurance cronies so that control of health care goes back to them.

OK. Here’s another topic we need to cover briefly while we’re still on the subject of Rick Scott: The erosion of our civil liberties and the turning of law enforcement against the people. That is being done by the passing of an Arizona-style law that will bring a meaning to the phrase “your papers, please”. I won’t go into a long discussion on this topic but it is already covered in my prior blog entry on America becoming a police state and secession.

We Floridians need to put the brakes on this reckless and out of control leadership by Rick Scott. The way it is going right now, Rick Scott is going to run the State of Florida right into the ground, so much it will be next to impossible to pick up the pieces. The way we Floridians can do this is to get an initiative going to recall Rick Scott from office. After all, in 2003 Californians had enough of their Governor, Gray Davis, and he got recalled by California voters in a special recall election. In fact, when I visited the Los Angeles area back in 2003 for an ER-themed convention that did not happen, the recall effort was well underway.

Just remember who we elected as the 45th chief executive of the State of Florida in the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee: Someone that stole from patients and the federal government for his own personal gain and benefit. Furthermore, Rick Scott is using his elected position as Governor of the State of Florida for his own personal benefit while at the same time making private enterprise happier than ever.

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