13 October 2020

We're Back on Blogger!


Hi everyone!

I know, it's been a while since I posted.  However, I tried a newer approach to blogging, and that is through WordPress.  While WordPress is so robust with so many features, it got a little too technical to help with upkeep of the Edward Ringwald Blog.  Granted, I don't have anything against WordPress but I think it could be a little more user friendly when it comes to blog administration.

Luckily, my legacy blog still exists here at Blogger, and it still is!  Besides, when you are blogging at Blogger you got the power of Google behind you and Blogger is more easy and versatile to use.  So, I made the decision to transition the Edward Ringwald Blog from WordPress (which was hosted on EdwardRingwald.com servers) back to Blogger (hosted on Google servers).  With that in mind, we are back on Blogger!

Just a quick reminder on commenting on my posts:

All comments are moderated!  When you click on comment, there is a slight delay so that I can review your comment before it is allowed to be part of the blog entry.

You also might want to take the time to review the Community Guidelines, which you can also find as a link at the Edward Ringwald Web Portal.

Additionally, as of today (13 October 2020, the day this post was written) with the retransition of the Edward Ringwald Blog back to Blogger, I am removing the requirement that you need a Facebook account to comment.  Commenting is open to everyone, but as I mentioned earlier all comments are moderated for review before they are allowed to be posted.  Anonymous comments will receive more scrutiny before these comments are allowed to be posted.

So, stay tuned!  We're back on Blogger, and I will try to get more timely topics in the weeks to come.  Thank you for your support!

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