12 May 2018

The Edward Ringwald Blog has a new home!

After so many years on Blogger, the Edward Ringwald Blog has moved to a new blogging platform powered by WordPress.  I enjoyed using Blogger for many years but right after I switched web hosting providers I tried out the WordPress blogging platform and I was very impressed with the look and feel of WordPress.

Therefore, all new posts from January 2018 onward will be on our new WordPress blogging platform as a part of the EdwardRingwald.com website.  There will be no new posts made on Blogger from January 2018 onward.  All of the current posts here on Blogger were transitioned over to the new WordPress blogging platform as a part of the transition and all posts here on Blogger are only being maintained as a legacy blog at EdwardRingwald.Blogspot.com.

To get to the Edward Ringwald Blog, it's the same as it was before like you always did:  Simply go over to Blog.EdwardRingwald.com and enjoy!

Now for a couple of reminders:

If you have web pages or blogs that hyperlink to a blog entry here on the Edward Ringwald Blog, now's a great time to update your links as the link structure has changed when we transitioned over to WordPress.  This is very crucial so that your visitors are not greeted with a 404 not found page.

Also with the transition to WordPress, after careful consideration we have discontinued anonymous commenting on our blog entries.  Instead, a Facebook account is required for commenting on a blog entry; it provides for more better accountability when it comes to user comments.  And if you don't have a Facebook account, it's easy to get one.

That said, see you on the Edward Ringwald Blog - now proudly powered on the WordPress blogging platform!