30 June 2013

Updates to the Blog Community Guidelines

I have made a few minor edits to the community guidelines for both the Edward Ringwald Blog and the Interstate 275 Florida Blog.  You can view them here.
Among the highlights:
You are responsible for whatever comment you make on any of my blog entries.  In other words, you take full responsibility for your comment.
Remember, where you go and what you do on the World Wide Web is not private.  Here's a web site to help you determine what your Internet Protocol (IP) address is:  What is my IP Address.  After all, your IP address is the string of numbers that identifies you on the public Internet.
This applies whether you post as an anonymous user or you post while you are logged in to your Google or Open ID account.  When you post under your Google or Open ID account, your comment is titled like this:
(user account name) said...
Your comment shows up here.
This is in addition to the commenting guidelines that are already in place, of which I will remind all of our commenters as stated below:
1.  Stay on the blog topic.
2.  Be respectful of others out there.
3.  Don't hate or express hatred.
4.  Don't use language that you wouldn't use with your parents.  Or with your boss.  Or at your school teachers.  Or with anyone else in authority.
5.  No commercial messages of any kind.
6.  No infringing on the publicity and privacy rights of others.
7.  No personal identifying information such as automobile tag numbers, Social Security numbers, driver license numbers, financial account numbers and the like.
One more item I need to mention is that I have a no comment removal policy, much like the consumer site RipOffReport.com where once you post a comment about the experience you had with a business, it's there forever.  However, comments that are moderated are screened prior to being allowed to be posted, as this blog is a family friendly blog for all ages.
I fully support the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, which provides for freedom of lawful speech and freedom of lawful expression among other things.  As the blog you are reading is hosted on servers here in the United States (it's hosted on Blogger, a part of online giant Google), and as the Fourth of July is just around the corner as I am writing this blog entry, I will defend my lawful right of free expression and free speech not only for the entries I write but for the comments you make.  To that end, my blog community guidelines for both the Edward Ringwald Blog and the Interstate 275 Florida Blog have support for the values enumerated in the First Amendment.

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Edward Ringwald said...

Here is a comment that I mentioned previously in the blog entry above. As you will see, I posted this comment while I was logged in to my account.