29 March 2013

Day Out With Thomas 2013

Recently the Florida Railroad Museum proudly hosted a Day Out With Thomas for two weekends in March 2013.  As a proud member of the Florida Railroad Museum, I volunteered for the event over the two weekends performing a number of duties ranging from crowd control to checking tickets and issuing wristbands for the many people that attended.

After all, membership in the Florida Railroad Museum has a lot of benefits.  The one major benefit, free train rides on regular ride weekends, is an excellent justification for me to go out and about rather than spend all day at home and sitting on the couch or comfy chair watching TV or YouTube.

After all, volunteers are the lifeblood of the Florida Railroad Museum.  When there is a special event taking place such as a Day Out With Thomas, the museum does everything it can do to recruit volunteers from all walks of life, including this experienced Interstate 275 Florida roadgeek and railfan in training.

In fact, the museum gave us volunteers a free train ride on the last train of the day as a token of appreciation for our hard working and dedicated service over the two weekends the event was held.  While on the train, which was a ride to just south of Dickey Road in Manatee County and back to Parrish, I happened to enjoy the continuous Thomas and Friends music including the main Thomas theme; right after I disembarked from the train I went to the gift shop and bought me a CD called Thomas and Friends All Star Tracks; I was enjoying some Thomas tunes including Go Go Thomas, Roll Call (which is also the main Thomas theme), Misty Island Rescue, What Makes An Engine Happy and the others that were on the CD for the ride on northbound Interstate 75 through Tampa and back to Interstate 275 and St. Petersburg.

While I was in the gift shop, I noticed that the other Thomas and Friends CDs (not the one I bought) were on the Koch International label.  This rang a bell:  I have a 2 CD Avsenik Ensemble album on the same Koch International label in my increasingly expanding Slovene music collection.

Now I would like to share with you some photos that I took of the Day Out With Thomas event over the two weekends in March 2013 it was held at the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish:


Here's a link to the set of photos that I have over at Flickr on my Flickr account, Interstate275Fla.  There you can view the photos and their descriptions if you so desire.

Sometimes I will use Google Picasa for photos on this blog if there is not too many.  As I took so many photos at the Day Out With Thomas event, I decided to use Flickr as it has better photo gallery capabilities, but I am trying out a photo gallery program for EdwardRingwald.com as described below.

Have you also visited my new Florida Railroad Museum page over at my website?  You ought to come by and check it out - in fact, I have a gallery of photos which I have organized using a new photo gallery software called Galleria.  I am still trying to get the captions to show up despite coding them properly in the HTML code, so just bear with me as I continue to introduce newer web design related features in order to make EdwardRingwald.com a better website.

For more information on the Florida Railroad Museum, head on over to their website.  There you can get the latest information on the regular train rides plus the themed train rides that are scheduled throughout the year, including the annual Day Out With Thomas event.

What I enjoyed very much is the smiles I have seen on the children when they enter the event, especially when I hand them a map that features Thomas prominently in the center.  Believe me, it was the best two weekends in March 2013 that I will remember.

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