12 April 2007

Welcome to the Edward Ringwald Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Edward Ringwald blog!

Since 2000 I started out on the web initially as a few pages on a student server at Hillsborough Community College while I was taking a Introduction to the Internet class. A few months after the class I moved the pages from the student server to its own hosting home. Over the years I featured Interstate 275 in St. Petersburg (which was moved to its own hosting home as well in 2003) as well as various roadtrips from time to time. I have also livened up the look of EdwardRingwald.com with the acquisition of Microsoft FrontPage software as well as updated content from time to time.

Now I have entered the new stage of the web - the blogosphere. Hey, if Southwest Airlines has their own corporate blog why can't I? After reading their blog plus other blogs from elsewhere I decided to start on a blog not only for EdwardRingwald.com but for Interstate275Florida.com as well. So, here we are!

Before I go on further, let me go over some quick ground rules for the Edward Ringwald Blog: Please keep your replies clean as EdwardRingwald.com is a family friendly site and I intend to keep it that way. Additionally, replies are subject to moderation prior to their being posted.

In the meantime, keep checking back here at the Edward Ringwald Blog frequently and often; you'll never know what I may have from time to time. And don't forget to visit the website where I strive to have the best site anywhere on the Internet for everyone, EdwardRingwald.com!

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Blog Boy Brian said...

Hi Edward!
Welcome to the blogosphere, and thanks for the nice comments about the Southwest blog. We are honored to be your inspiration for your own blog, and I hope that you have as much fun in blogland as we do.
Brian Lusk www.blogsouthwest.com